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Wrongful Death Investigations

Wrongful Death InvestigationIt’s unbelievable, you just can’t except the death.  Something is wrong.  The police are mistaken.  Your sure the incident of death played out differently.  You feel someone, or something different was the cause.

Ok!  We have worked over 3 decade on deaths that may be wrongful.  We will not just buy into the police findings or your feelings, but will listen completely and conduct another investigation separate from the police investigation.  Police may have ruled the death a suicide and you may think it’s homicide.  We have worked on some of these type cases and have proved that they were indeed a homicide.  A good example, is one we worked on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The Medical Examiner changed his findings to homicide, based on the evidence we uncovered.  (See news article.)

Another investigation of a possible wrongful death example was involving the Hampton Police Department.  A Hampton police officer shot and killed a man at a 7-11 in this city.  The deceased man’s mother could not rest as she was thinking that this should not have happened.  We investigated and reported back to her that, yes, in fact it was a lawful and justifiable shooting.  We will not give a false report to make the client happy with the out -come.  The truth stands, however, in most cases the client needs to have an outside look so  they can settle their spirit some.  We will turn over every piece of the police information and then knock on all doors for you to learn the truth.

We have more examples, ask us, we can tell you how we worked the case as well as the outcome.  We want you to feel confident that your PI investigation is done competently.

Possible wrongful deaths are hard for the loved ones to go on with.  Let us help you. 

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