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Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud and workman’s compensation investigation are worked primarily the same. Each involves a person or persons fraudulently obtaining money. On some situation we will employ undercover work, to get the full intention of deception.

Dollarphotoclub_70839823We will work with your medical staff to obtain the subject capabilities. We will photo on every day’s work. We will call each day’s observation in to your office, and summit written report as you requested We are well trained and experienced in court room testimony and will back up all work with as much document evidence as can be acquired.

When under-cover work is required to have a close review, we will go dancing with the subject or help them build a garage.

Believe me we have experience in all of the above and then some.

How every if the investigation shows that the subject injuries appear to be real, we will bring this information to you immediately so you can make an early settlement. We will show you what the truth is with each case.

Millions of dollars are lost each year with fraudulent insurance and Workman’s compensation, don’t let moment pass hire us now.

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