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Criminal Case Investigations

Armbruster InvestigationsWe have worked many criminal cases for both criminal defense and unsolved cold cases. If your story is the truth, we will stay on your criminal defense until you walk again with no shadow of the law looming over you. 

In cold cases, we will work tirelessly until you have peace of mind and closure. Our criminal defenses have been written about in the Wall Street Journal (for example, that of Mr. Benjamin Lacy, a federal criminal case).

In another of Armbruster’s federal cases involving the University of Virginia, 13 college students (all with 4.0 grade point averages) were charged with drug offenses in federal court. Armbruster went undercover to investigate and the only two students that did not go to prison and walked free were the two whose families had hired Armbruster.

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Worldwide Investigations

Worldwide Investigations

Armbruster’s criminal work has taken her as far as Europe and the European Human Rights Court, investigating a double homicide, drug trafficking, rape and an international organized crime.

“Now all we need is to continue to speak the truth fearless, and we shall add to our number those who will turn the scale to the side of equal and full justice in all things.”   by Lucy Stone

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