There are many ways P.I.’s can and do assist Corporations.  Even more so now that we live in this age of high computer needs for business.  I will now give you one of my worked corporate cases.  This work was done over a decade ago.

A highly respected local law firm, that handles law for Corporations, call on our assistance with a medical research clinic. It’s owner (I will call Mr. Trust), had probable cause in believing that they had a long time trusted officer manager embezzling this company.  Method;  the making of a non existing employee, and  giving a fake employee paycheck, which was sent to direct deposit at a local bank.  Mr. Trust depended so much on this officer manager, that he did not have the passwords for the company computer or combinations for the company filing cabinets.

In the middle of the night Mr. Trust, myself and some outstanding P. I., I employed to assist me, (as most who know me understand this is one duty hat Renee can’t wear) hacked into the computers and unlocked the filing cabinets.  There we obtained the evidence we were looking for.  Mr. Trust was pleased at how quickly we did this.  The next morning,as the officer manager arrived at work, I greeted this person with Mr. Trust and then escorted her into a room I had prepared for interview.  (this remains my secret)  Just this employee and I talked, after given the option to see our evidence recovered, this employee decided to sign an admission statement and resign.  This was the out come Mr. Trust want for his company.

In some Corporate criminal matters, the company only wants termination.  In others, the company wants prosecution.

If I see you are interested, in my giving, one example, of a case of us gathering evidence, investigating, interviewing, and obtaining a confession, from a suspect in a grand larceny at a local company.  Then we handed over to the local police.   I will give you that in a short POST.

Attorney’s this is for U!  Think and see what is out there to assist your client’s company’s.  Call on P.I.’s,  we are here to assist and we can.  Some P. I.’s are former police with that intel to bring to the table.

Have a day of laughter and peace, my friends.  Renee Armbruster