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Ok! So if you are a corporation you could have a few different needs for a private investigator. Most of the time I have found that corporations do not want to prosecute.

Discovery is important. You probably do not want public attention to an in house crime.

In other corporate cases, the company may wish to make a policy statement and prosecute.

In either request, we stand ready to do as your Company request. We work for you.Bkgd-Check

  1. We will identify the problem. Is it just a one person in house or are there more than one person, one in house and others outside working in concert with them.
  2. Obtaining the figures of how much larceny is involved.
  3. We will find by what means stock was taken.

This is the foundation of our investigation, or at least part. We will have more or less as the case is presented.

  1. We will possible plant investigators in the company working with your other employees. This works great and takes approximately one to six months.
  2. We will set up hidden cameras (wireless pen hole lens) so that both you and we will be able to view the area in question on smart phones without any ones knowledge. These pictures will be stored as evidence. This is NEW tech. knowledge. (2012)
  3. It may be that interviewing employees is the way to go. We have done this and obtained confession in two large corporate cases. Ask us, we will give you our experience, of course without revealing the companies names involved.

If your problem is workmen’s compensation. Some of the largest companies in the world have hired us and here are some examples of our work.

  1. Of course there are surveillance and photos.
  2. We have put together under-cover up-stair offices (with many steps) hidden cameras along the path and invited the subject to visit us. We give you more to choose from in the under-cover field investigation techniques.

This above that I have given you is examples of the most involved corporate investigation, the needs you have be it large or small we have experience with.

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