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Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity InvestigationsOK!  You may have a cheating spouse.  Maybe you are unsure as to what you want to do with the information a PI may give you.  

Prepare for the worse.

Have your PI get you the evidence, as it may be necessary for court.  Then if you choose  to go to court, you’ll have all the elements required to prove it in court.

These elements are;

  1. A physical exchange of affection 
  2. An opportunity to commit the deed. 

We have close to 30 years helping people just like you, and we understand what is necessary.

Although we are almost a no fault State, many times the evidence is so revealing the offending spouse will sign an agreement to silence the matter, and court will not be necessary. 

 Pictures are helpful, but if the PI is in good standing with the court, (known to be truthful) then PI ‘s observation will be excepted.  We have a respectful reputation with the courts 

We make sure our evidence has no holes in it, is air tight and leaves no doubt.  Ask us!  We will give you examples, but no names.  Our goal here is to help you get on the other side of this surprising sorrow.

The State of Virginia has become a “no fault” state, so the purpose of gathering evidence of adultery would be to bring the other spouse to the table for a settlement agreement. If possible, we will get you live video.

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