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Drug Use Investigations

Ok! Do you suspect your spouse or teen child to be using drugs?

Are you a grandparent worried about your grandchildren being exposed to drugs in their home? Over my 30 years I have worked on all of the above.

If it’s your spouse the evidence of this illegal behavior will help bring this person to sign a divorce agreement. You will want to do this quietly without law enforcement involved.

drugsIf it’s your child, your PI will need to,

  1. ID the drug
  2. Gather names of all the child’s contacts. That mean getting to the hard drive of the child’s computer.
  3. Have his/her supplier arrested. That requires the private investigators to work with police.
  4. Give you the parents all the gathered intelligence, so you may decide if it’s to be family intervention or just what educated action you parents wish to take. The P.I. stays in the far background when it comes to helping parents with a child matter. Push the child deeper away from the family unit is not beneficial to the family unit.

Now if the suspected drug user is the parents you grandparents have a very tough decision, if the private investigator does this poorly it could result in never being allow near your grandchildren again. So we need to have a clear understanding if you will bring this discovery to court to take custody of the children or to reveal these drug gathering facts to the adult parents and help them seek help.

I can tell you with examples, where I have worked on each one of these painful situation and what the results were.

If the user is on heroin there is only a 3% survival rate.

We would examine the hard drive on the computer.

We would have items lab tested.

We would pick up trash and inventory it.

We would GPS and discover the user’s source of purchase.

We will do all of this with- in the law and control the evidence legally so as to present this evidence in court.

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