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Child Custody Investigations

OK! In many divorce cases the couple mutually agree to one parent being the primary caregiver. As time passes the primary care giver parent gets involved with another person. New fears sometimes arise and a private investigator is need to:

ChildCheck the background of the new love interest.

  1. Criminal conduct
  2. Alcohol / Drugs
  3. Past spouse or child abuse in prior relationships

We can and will do all of this for you to put your mind at ease. If there is negativity in the new loves background we will document and help you pick the best attorney for the court room.

Now on other concerns the primary custody parent is not living up to the job. One case I recall my client had been divorced several years and lived in another state. The children’s baby sitter phone him to say the children were being neglected.

We will go under cover to see if this is true or if the sitter is having a personal issue with the parent. If the couple is married and one parent fears the children are being abused physically or sexually. We will put a wireless pin hole camera hidden in the home.

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