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Ten years ago I was doing what most of us do.  Watching the Katrina hell  on the t.v. play out.   When they showed Americans, Human Beings, flowing dead in the streets and suffering in that dome.  I heard a former president speak to me from the dead.  “Ask not what your Country can do for U, but what U can do for your Country”.  Will, for me it’s scary not to respond to that enter call.  I knew what I had to do.  So I tracked down the local Red Cross and begged them to let me help.  Of course, they did.   Off To a Red Cross relief station in Texas.  Twelve of us worker, six hundred pityful souls.  I won’t both U with the sorrowful things I saw and these people told me, but, I will the beauty.  Eleven angels I meet there.  Humble, kind, hard working.  Well, every time I looked at them I had to blink because I am sure I saw a glow around them.  I was approaching 60 yet I grew up those weeks in spirit.  I tell you this today because WE, watched, and said O That’s so terrible, but we just can’t and but should, try pushing our-selves away from our desks, the steering wheel, the table, the TV.  Be that American that does what our late president said.  Do what you know U can for our Country when the next bad happens. It will be the experience of your life.  Thank U for letting me share this great event in my life.  Renee  

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With all this negativity in the news, I wish to give you some on my input. 1.  The last face you may see on this earth maybe of a police officer 2.  When everyone around you maybe screaming and crying out of control, the police office remains calm. 3.  They call home at the end of their shift and say to their family, “I have to stay over to finish paper work but they are really getting stitched up at the hospital. 4. They make the best lairs to their children when they come home and put their bloody uniform to soak,Telling them at at home  “It’s not mine”. 5. Well, the list could go on and on, the brothers and sisters in uniform will never say this, but they were born pink and soft just like you.   

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“I ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders”

In this field of work and in life we think, what is next.  Will it be life alter matter? Will a PI almost always has that.  Maybe in your field as well.  Stay strong, think about your commitment.  Service as best you can.  🙂  renee

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