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Do you need the help of a private investigator?

I’m here to help you.

Dollarphotoclub_73860260Let’s get started.  The purpose of a private investigator is to:

  • Quietly and privately gather information
  • Obtain evidence legally, responsibly and in a way that it can be introduced in court
  • Create clear, concise and accurate documentation

A private investigator must also have experience giving court room testimony.

Now ask yourself: “Is my matter civil or criminal?” In each case, knowledge of the burden of proof is absolutely necessary.

Other Important Characteristics of a Private Investigator

  • The sources the investigator have , which take years to develop
  • Their foundation, training and, most importantly, experience
  • Their forensic and technological knowledge

We offer you all of the above, with confidential compassion, a great turn around time and competitive fees.

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