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Let me start by telling you the mandate made by the Virginia State Legislator on behalf of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services regarding the work of all private investigation companies in the state of Virginia.

  1. All work must have a written contract.
  2. It must spell out fees and services.
  3. It must be signed and dated by both the client and investigation company.
  4. All private investigation companies must be either bonded or insured (Armbruster and Associates is insured).

sealThis is the law of Virginia

Armbruster and Associates is in full compliance and our DCJS company number is 11-2757.

Additionally, all private investigation companies in the state of Virginia require a retainer to be paid up front, which should be in your contract.

Armbruster and Associates will discuss with you what work we agree needs to be done.  The retainer is based on our agreed upon hourly rate and the number of hours we agree to spend investigation your case, which is placed into your contract with us.

The client will be responsible for all mileage, tolls and other travel related expenses. These will be placed into our contract with an agreed upon ceiling.

We regularly check to make sure our hourly rates and fees are competitive with those of our competitors, and try to make sure we give the best rate in the area.

There are no charges or fees to call during the investigation for verbal reports or phone conference with the investigator. Our company encourages you to call in regularly.

These court appearances are very important and must be as exact with the facts. We do have in our contract a flat fee for court appearances. However, court appearances are seldom necessary do to the quality of evidence obtained and out of court settlements.

There is always a report and invoice at the end of an investigation.

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