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Do you need the help of a private investigator? The purpose of a private investigator is to: Quietly and privately gather information. Obtain evidence legally, responsibly and in a way that it can be introduced in court. Create clear, concise and accurate documentation. A private investigator must also have experience giving court room testimony.

Civil Investigations

We understand that the burden of proof is the preponderance of evidence. (which includes domestic legal matters, such as divorce or child custody) We will then not count on just one piece of evidence but we will search for several pieces of evidence. This will take time and working together as a team. The out-come will be a good decision for you in court. Evidence, on top of evidence, is what we will get for you, more than 51%, and that's the burden of proof to win.

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Criminal Case Investigations

Criminal defense private investigation assistance here, requires us to look at three areas. a. Motive b. Intent c. Opportunity As all three must be proven by the government to convict. We will see what the government has in these areas and we will work to cause these areas to have doubt. If we find their investigation to be weak in one of these three areas we will see why and expand on the weak element. The government must prove be on a reasonable doubt, to convict. Truth and courage is what this pi will need from you.

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Cold Case Review & Investigations

We will diligently review all the police past investigation. Then we will re-interview all past interviewed persons ourselves. We then look in areas that may have been over looked and interview persons that too may have not previously been interviewed. In most cold cases to conduct an undercover interview, gets the best results. They will speak more freely and as time has pasted more things come to mind than when they were frighten or upset by the event. We specialize in undercover investigation. Undercover work is the first step after reviewing the old information. This is how we successes on the Eastern Shore cold case murder investigation.

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What Our Clients Say

“Her secret is her ability to create a character and a line that enables her to get the real story from people. She’s terrific in that regard, if you need a character to get on the inside.” Attorney Chris Christie


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